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Ok, so on the subject of writing things in this journal, I've recently found Torchwood and Doctor Who. And lo, I beheld the glory of rampant science-fiction-y bisexuality and also, the glory of the Doctor. And Rose, who I quite like as well, happily. I'm sick of hating female characters because they're written craptacularly, so Rose is a nice change, as I find her believable and sympathetic. I've only seen three episodes of Doctor Who, so not much on that, but I've watched all of Torchwood.

Captain Jack is sex, and I think that's all I need to say.
Gwen is only a little bit irritating, and otherwise rather accessible and sympathetic (mostly), so I'm cool with her.
Owen is a douchebag, but I love him because he's entertaining and rather complex, it would seem.
Tosh is wonderful, and I rather adore her. Hooray for adorable computer geeks! Also, I can sympathize all too well with her crush on Owen - probably a lot of girls can.
Ianto is cute, and looks great in a suit. I am intrigued, and I like to believe that he has nefarious motives for starting a relationship with Jack, but as far as I can tell, he seems pretty straightforwardly in-crush. So, not the best written one-eighty, but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in two sexy guys making out. Not a bad tradeoff, methinks.

And on that note, I love this show. I don't know the current feeling over in the UK, but here in the good ol' continent of North America (not the USA, thank goodness for small favours, but still) I doubt very much this show could exist.
Well, that is, it could exist, but it would be marketed in a very different way. Rather than being a "more adult" spinoff of Doctor Who, it would be a sci-fi show for gay people. It would exploit the hell out of the bisexuality in the promos and advertisements, making sure to emphasize that it is VERY VERY GAY and not to be watched by regular folks. Which would be ok, because hey, canon slash and whatnot, but the way it's actually done is so much more satisfying.

It's totally makes the character's sexualities a non-issue, which I absolutely adore.

I also find it fascinating that it's criticized for being both jarringly childish and adult at the same time. Here on this side of the pond a show like Torchwood would be very adult, so I didn't find it jarring at all. Of course, in the states at least, I'm sure Doctor Who wouldn't be considered completely wholesome family entertainment - it has some dark themes and scary bits and the appearance of Jack Harkness alone would send the conservatives into shock, so I guess it's just a case of different cultures.

On the other hand, I've seen Starsky and Hutch, from the seventies, no less, and it's very nearly as gay as Torchwood, so could just be coincidence. ;)


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