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Holy shit Doctor Who.

Okay, first? DUDE. With the constant KILLING OF THOUSANDS. Is it necessary to keep piling on the angst? Oh the angst. It's a family show, you know.

OTOH, man, I loved this episode so much I kinda want to have sex with it. Or was that Donna? Ok, I liked the family, they rocked. Heh, dad buys the TARDIS as like, art deco. Lulz. And I loved all the crazy priests and people. And the Doctor with a WATER GUN, OMG. And Donna, all, you threatened her with a water pistol. I bloody love you.
I love YOU, Donna! And also, all, I'm Sparticus too, and willingly sacrificing herself to save the world, and also, threatening the seer women while tied to the sacrificial table thing, and also, berating the Doctor when he refuses to save Pompeii, but then I also love the Doctor's speech when he explains what he sees, because that? Fucking awesome. Poor Doctor.
Validates that "That's what I see, all the time!" line in Parting of the Ways while Rose was God.

Ok, and the Doctor going back and saving the family won, because yay, apparently there's a REASON he travels with a companion, and it's because he's a complete dick if he doesn't. But at least he's lovable. And hot.

But what I loved most? The soothsayer-off. Not just because of the Rose mention (OMFG SQUEEE, BTW) but also because it was AWESOME.
"I think she just out-sooth-say'd you, Lucius."
"O RLY, Man from Gallifrey?" PWND. That was my favourite moment in the episode, because I'm shallow and love shallow awesomeness. Well, either that or the Rose shoutout. OMG SHE'S COMING BACK, YEAH. I KNEW THAT ALREADY, YET IT STILL DESERVES CAPITALS.

So, yes, I enjoyed this episode thoroughly.

In other news, I also watched Juno tonight, finally. Interestingly enough, right after re-watching Ghost World (one of my favourite movies of all time, BTW), because I was making a lot of comparisons. I didn't like Juno as much as everyone else seemed to - it wasn't my style of humor, I don't think, because I thought all the one-liners were kind of obvious and boring. Huh. But it was still technically good, and I enjoyed it a bit. But anyway, it reminded me of Ghost World - it was like the writer saw Ghost World, and liked some bits but decided to change everything else and take away most of the awesomeness. Like, the creepy vibe between Juno and the Arrested Development guy, but sanitized and made Obviously Wrong (TM). And Juno's whole attitude, really, was EXTREMELY similar to Enid's, I thought. But then they decided to give it a feel-good ending, which I felt was kind of tacked-on.
Then again, I can't be that clever if I'm making random comparisons to a movie simply because I'd just watched it right before. So take what I say with a spoonful of salt.
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