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First of all: Does what it says on the tin my ass, Davies! Daughter != clone, sorry to say, no matter how many characters insist that it does.

Overall... I liked the Doctor angsting, and I LOVED David Tennant's acting, but that should go without saying, I think. Nice shout outs. Nice use of the music This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home, which is my favourite theme, so yay.

But I have to say, the writer? Not very good. Martha's plot was absolutely ridiculous in EVERY way: it contributed virtually nothing to the episode aside from sympathetic fish which we could've managed without devoting a quarter of the time to it. The leaps in time that the writer seemed to think compensated for the lack of... coherent writing didn't. Like when Martha was about to go on the surface and she randomly started talking to the fish thing like it had a deep-seated fear of the open air, yet a longing to experience it. I'm sorry, but that? DID NOT WORK.

I liked the twist that the war had only been going on for a week. Kinda funny.
I liked Donna and maths. Yay Donna.

Ok, now onto the whole "daughter" thing. Ok, first: yay Susan shout out!

I loved the scene where the Doctor just tells Donna that, hey, he was in fact a father at one point, and no, he doesn't want to be again. That whole bit was just sad and lovely and very fine acting.

But honestly? Most of this episode grated on a huge pet peeve of mine: genetic similarities do not equal family. And I really hate it when shows or movies or books or whatever preach the message that family is more important than anything OMG.
That was mostly Donna though, which I did not appreciate because I love Donna and I don't like writers making me dislike her. So I'm being stubborn and holding on to my positive feelings towards her. Yeah, take that, writers!

Well, I didn't feel that the show REALLY preached that message explicitly, but there were definitely those elements of it. The Doctor's protests were obviously set up to be knocked down by Donna, another pet peeve of mine, especially since I fully agreed with the Doctor. No, in fact, by all rights she really should not be much like him at all, considering that she was "born" with instincts ingrained in her to fight. It really doesn't make sense that she was able to make a heel-face-turn so easily. And there is no reason for the Doctor to feel paternally towards her at all. And it was downright stupid to have her walk out of the... cloning thing and just call him "dad." Eugh. I did not like that at all. But yeah, like anyone immediately looks at an unexpected clone and loves them like a daughter automatically.

And when Donna checked her hearts, and the Doctor was, like, surprised or something that she had two hearts. Um... duh?

On the other hand, it did give us some great opportunities for Tennant's acting skillz. LIKE WHEN SHE WAS SHOT AND HE HELD HER AND HIS EYES WERE FUCKING HUGE. And so damn sad. That killed me. When the writing fails, his eyes will get me every fucking time.
But about that: She was too much like the Doctor to regenerate. What. I do not understand what the writer is trying to say there, and I expect that he thought it sounded deep, while not actually being deep. But whatever.
Oh, also, Doctor holding a gun to the soldier guys head: was also really fucking hot. Damn.

I really wish Martha wasn't so pointless here, because I like her, and I like it when she does things. Well, things that make some semblance of sense.

Oh, and the ending. What the fuck? So, was she in a healing trance? How did the Doctor not realize that, or check for it? Did she spontaneously regenerate into the same body? Did she bring herself back to life through sheer force of will? Is evil afoot? Is it a thinly veiled pilot for a spinoff?

However, a few things must be addressed:
The Doctor is a fucking pimp.
There is indeed much running in this show.
The writer had no idea what he was trying to say about war. He probably had some vague "give peace a chance" idea and no details.

Oooh, almost forgot to mention, I liked the Doctor talking about the war. And when Jenny was all, "Like this one?"
And the Doctor was all, bitter, sexy fucking laugh. Mmmm. That was nice.

Really, if it weren't for my pet peeves about family, and some exceptionally shitty bits of writing, this was an alright episode. I enjoyed watching it, definitely, even when I was yelling at my computer.

I'm so excited for the next episode though: comedy! Agatha Christie! Murder mystery! Giant wasps! How can it go wrong? (Please refrain from answering that, show.)


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