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Aaand a write-up.

Ok, I unabashedly loved this episode. I love murder mysteries, and I love references to previous episodes, and I love random gay affairs, and I love, well, everything else. So it was an easy sell.

Here're my as-I-watch notes:

- "Trouble is... we haven't been invited. Oh I forgot - yes we have!" With psychic paper. Love.

- A lead pipe? For realz? CLUE FTW.

- Whut. Okay. He was killed by a... wasp... a giant wasp, brandishing a LEAD PIPE. Wow. I'm pretty sure Agatha Christie never wrote a novel quite like that.

- Why does the Doctor have to wait outside the TARDIS while Donna changes? Surely she's not changing in the middle of the console room! But this is just me whining in a roundabout way because we never get to see the rest of the TARDIS. *whines*

- A jewel thief nicknamed the Unicorn? Poor guy. He must get teased a lot at the Villain Meetings.

- Oh I hope Donna gets some flirtation this episode.

- And now I'm slashing that dude who hit on Donna, and the waiter. "Thank you Davenport. Just how I like it." *significant look*

- Called the FUCK out of that one! Oh how I love Davies!

- Ok, what? "Typical. All the decent men are on the other bus."
  What did the Doctor say? Because it sure sounded like "Or Timelords." WHAT? WHAT? Wot? Either the Doctor just outed himself, or he's   expressing his disappointment in the Master having a wife, or Romana was a lesbian. Or I misheard, but I like my versions.
*AFTER WATCHING THE WHOLE THING OMG I FAIL:  Oh, now I get it. He meant that he's a decent man and also a Timelord. Oh. Shut up, I can't help having a one-track mind.

- Professor Peach? LULZ. Also, I heart Donna's fake laugh.

- Wait - Agatha Christie disappeared? *checks wiki* Yep - ten days in the twenties. Theory is that she was traumatised by her husband cheating on her and went into a fugue state, as she couldn't remember what had happened. Either that or publicity stunt. Or something to do with the Doctor.

- Wow, totally didn't need to check wiki, thanks to Doctor Exposition here.

- "I mean, Professor Peach in the Library with the Lead Pipe?" Donna called it.

- "Miss Noble is the plucky young girl who helps me out." I love it!

- "I mean, that's like meeting Charles Dickens and he's surrounded by ghosts. At Christmas!"
 Yay continuity!

- I love that he has a giant fucking magnifying glass in his pocket.

- It's his schtick, okay? He always has fun while people die. It's either that or start cutting himself, dying his hair black and listening to Simple Plan. Or whatever is cool among the whiny crowd these days.

- This episode really DOES have everything! Including sordid homosexual 1920s affairs! YES!

- Ok. I love the whole, everyone has a different story and they're all totally lying and the main character has to figure out the truth. I love it!

- I am so gay for Donna:
  Fake french accent. "I shall find yew wiz mah amazink pawers of detection." LOVE AND ADORABLE.

- I love it! "There's nowhere to run! Show yourself!" Everyone pops out of their doors along the corridor. "Oh. That's just cheating."

- "I found my husband with a woman. A younger, prettier woman, isn't that always the way?"
  "Well. Mine was with a giant spider. But same difference." Love.

- Really, I expect that the butler thing will be lampshaded in some way. I'd be terribly disappointed if they played it straight.

- He's been poisoned! OH NOEZ!!! I love that. Suddenly quiet and worried.
  "Donna. Something's inhibiting my enzymes." So dramatic. I love it!

- This... not really my style of humor, but it IS technically funny. And awesome whether I find it funny or not, so either way it wins.

- Jazz hands!

- Any excuse to have David Tennant make out with someone. I am SO ok with that.

- "Well, we know the butler didn't do it!" Called that one.

- Was he one of the boys having the illicit affair? That sucks.

- I love the stereotypes. "I've called you here, on this endless night, because we have a murderer in our midst." Doctor in front of the fireplace, even. Love it!

- Yay, awesome kickass jewel thief that everyone's worried about is a woman! Also, I love how unashamed this show is of getting even MORE stereotypical - her accent goes from posh to cockney, and she even uses the phrase: "It's a fair cop." Seriously. This is getting into Refuge in Audacity territory. And, in my opinion at least, it totally works. But I love this sort of thing, so I'm a poor judge.

- Doctor apologizes for interrupting Agatha with his alien-knowledge.

- New topic on Jerry Springer - I Love My Giant Space-Wasp Boyfriend! And I'm Carrying His Child!

- Puntacular. "Flashes the family jewels and you end up with a bun in the oven." Lulz.

- The Doctor's getting really into accusing people. I think he's having a great time. It was YOU, Donna Noble. Who said this and tipped me into thinking that about the murder mysteries, so I know it was YOU, Agatha Christie, who wrote the murder mysteries, and it was YOU, Lady Edison, who was Agatha Christie's biggest fan! And Donna was awesome again during this scene, with her grapes. I just adore this kind of comedy.


- Ok. That? Is rather loltastic. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Bzz.

- Russel T Davies hates biology. I bet his bio teacher in high school made fun of him, and this is his way of getting back at him. And I don't even LIKE biology (I'm a physics kinda girl) but OMG it hurts. You can't just throw around the word DNA and expect it to solve all your problems, mkay?


- Does he have a trunk hidden somewhere on the TARDIS for every letter of the alphabet? I thought he had an attic...

- Wait - really? What about Shakespeare, or Charles Dickens? Best selling novelist of ALL TIME? Come the hell on. Also, lol at having that same cover five billion years into the future. I think I saw it on the Doctor Who community before the episode aired, so it was even funnier.

- Oooh, horror episode next. TWO WEEKS LATER. WAH. Ok, I am so freaking excited for this episode it's not even funny.
  It's set in a library. Written by Moffet. It's a two-parter. And it's a horror episode! OMG YAY!

- I can hardly even wait for the damn preview before Eurovision in lieu of an episode. Stupid linear time.

Freaking loved it.


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