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So, I've read the news.

OMG I WILL MISS RUSSEL T DAVIES!!! From what I can tell (sexist interviews aside), Moffat is a damn fucking good writer, and he wins at plot. He owns plot totally.
But. Not so much with the characters.

Honestly? Rusty can shove all the crazy crack he wants into his show, because he gave us characters like Rose and, well, both Doctors and Donna and various one-off awesome rocktacular characters. Especially female ones.

I didn't watch Doctor who for ages because I didn't want to watch "The Rose and Doctor" show, which is what I was worried about. Because I hate the way female characters are written on TV (typically) so I avoided shows with female main characters. Then I gave in and watched it, and fell madly in love with Rose.

And I don't want that to go away! I don't have any real reason to trust Moffat, and I have a few reasons not to. Like, in his episodes, I've noticed that Rose (and later Martha) tended to be written to be less... awesome than usual. Not enough to actually make me dislike his episodes, because I love all of them, even Girl in the Fireplace, but enough to be noticeable. Barrage balloon, anyone? And in Blink, Martha didn't say one word that wasn't obviously meant to be nagging. Come to think of it, Rose was similar in Girl in the Fireplace, and that kind of pissed me off.

And after reading some of his thoughts on women, I can't help but think that that's how he sees women.
And that worries the hell out of me.

Now I'm torn between wanting David Tennant to leave the show with Russel Davies, and wanting him to stay because I need an anchor. On the one hand, I'd be able to have an entirely fresh start and view Moffat's Who with entirely new characters/actors, and separate it a bit from Davies' era. But on the other hand... I fucking LOVE David Tennant. I would watch the show just for him, and be happy. Moffat could have the shittiest writing and arcs ever (and I'm sure he wouldn't, anyway, they just might be a bit different) but Tennant would either make them work because he's just that good, or he'd make it awesome to watch, even if it did suck.

I'm sad. It's the end of an era, and it was an era that I really fucking liked. I mean, season one? Best season/arc of television I have ever seen, on either side of the pond, in any decade, ever.

But who knows? Maybe it'll work out ok and I'll still love it. God I hope so. I'm having so much fun being obsessed with this show right now. It just makes me happy to think about, and I really don't want that to change.

I really wish I'd gotten obsessed with New Who when it first started, because then I might be ready for a change, but it's only been a few months for me! *sobs*


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