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So after reading a bunch of posts about That Spoiler for the next episode, I've come to a conclusion:

I fucking hate Stephen Moffat.

I mean, Jesus fucking Christ on a tapdancing cracker, ROMANCE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

That's why Girl in the Fireplace, btw, sucked, and that's why the Doctor/Rose relationship is awesome. One happened over the course of forty-five minutes (LITERALLY. REINETTE SPOKE TO THE DOCTOR, LIKE, THREE FUCKING TIMES. COME ON!) and one happened over the course of, well, two seasons, plus one of realistic emotional fall-out, and we'll see in a few episodes what else.

And honestly? I don't actually have a problem with the Doctor having a sex life. I'm not invested in Asexual Doctor, and I even find it a bit annoying that in the Classic Series his female companions can be all about the blatant fan service (and bear in mind, I speak from hearsay, not experience) while the Doctor is completely asexual.
Yes, I'm shallow, and I enjoy it when David Tennant snogs people. It makes me feel like I'm getting some fan service for once, which is nice, especially when John Barrowman isn't around. And I don't even fancy Barrowman, it's the principle of the thing. Tearing down the double standard, wot?

Point is: in the Doctor Dances, I LIKED the acknowledgment that hey, guess what, the Doctor's 900 years old, I think we can assume that at some point he's "danced." Because it felt like a jab at the (mostly) fanboys who insist that the Doctor's asexual, while enjoying the sexy ladies on the side, while the (straight) women get nothing, or at least, nothing overt. You know, for-the-Dad moments vs for-the-Mum moments, there's a pretty clear divide there.


This does NOT mean I want a misogynistic James Bond-ish show! This'll be the third (out of four) Moffat episode in which the Doctor is implied to have had sex. In fact, this will be the third (out of four SEASONS) episode in which the Doctor is implied to have sex. There's something a little bit off about that statistic, especially when you remember all the crazy Moffat-fans who somehow think that Moffat will kill the romance that RTD has been perpetuating. Ha.

But, like I said, I have nothing wrong with romance, when done correctly, like RTD has done with Rose. I have a problem with romance when done incorrectly, like what Moffat did with Reinette. The stupid, meet girl, fall in love within five minutes, lose girl, move on automatically. I can watch any other show on TV for that, I don't want it in this one too.
THIS IS WHY I HATE FEMALE CHARACTERS ON TV! Because they exist for no reason other than to make the main (male) character feel something for a few minutes. For a while, Doctor Who was the exception, and soon, I fear, it will become more of the rule. Fuck.

I mean, it's like everyone says that Moffat writes strong female characters: Nancy, Reinette, Sally Sparrow. Ok, I'll give him Nancy, she rocked (aside from the subtle, my whole purpose in this episode is to be a mother, but it's so typical I just ignore it, and anyway, the episode mostly pulled it off), but Reinette? Granted, she was strong, but she didn't have a single personality trait beyond what anyone could read in a textbook, other than inexplicably being obsessed with a man she saw twice as a kid and snogged once as an adult. Sally Sparrow was a complete blank slate. If someone wrote fanfic about her, they could give her just about any personality ever, and make it IC as long as they threw in some Moffat lines like "Sad is happy for deep people." Eugh.
Not to mention the whole freudian slip when she gives her name to the police officer. What used to be funny now creeps me out since I read some of his interview quotes on the nature of women. Which is another problem I expect I'll have with the fifth series.

Anyway, compare those characters to, for instance, the woman who's name I forget in the Pete's World two-parter. In the little screen time she had, she's given a complete, realistic, strong, and non-stereotypical personality. Her personality could've been exactly the same had she been a male character, really, not because she was masculine, but because she wasn't so stereotypically The Chick. I loved it. Or Ida! I love how much we learn about her through her conversations with the Doctor, and her actions on screen. Hooray for well-written female characters that people can actually relate to. I'm going to miss those.

I don't want a slew of girl-of-the-week characters. I don't want a Doctor and  companion who's personalities are so vague that they can change depending on the plot. I want plots that rely on the characters, damn it! I'm sorry, but that's what makes good TV. I'm beginning to WANT David Tennant to leave with Rusty, and that worries me, because when I want David Tennant to leave a show, you KNOW I've got to be worried.

So, to sum up?

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