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I'm bored, and trying to cheer myself up after reading about The Next Episode, so here's a list of (canon...ish) m/f couples who have convinced me that a) they are in love and b) made me happy about that fact. Both on TV and in movies. Don't worry, it's a short list, because I usually can't stand romance.

-Doctor/Rose, duh. Somehow the combination of emotional realism, good acting, an ACTUAL REALISTIC PERSONALITY for Rose, the angst and the sheer joy together, and the fucking cuteness works perfectly for me. They are my favourite m/f pair of characters in the world ever omg.

-Frasier and Victoria, from Due South. Well, it didn't make me so much happy that they were in love, as I totally bought it, and honestly believed the moment that Frasier abandoned EVERYTHING and ran after her on the train. I usually scoff at a character who throws their job/friends/life away for romance, but here it worked. Oh did it work. Until seeing Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, I was convinced that Victoria's Secret was the single greatest two hours of television period. It has fallen to second place now, but still.

-Ray and Suzanne, also from Due South. Ok, not so much in love, but I didn't feel the show was pushing me to see "TRUE LOVE DAMN IT" so that's ok. More like an instant attraction that I bought, and the possibility of future romance. I would've actually been ok with Call of the Wild had they brought back Suzanne and had her and Ray get together. I absolutely adored their interaction. Again, very rare for me, especially as she was a "girl of the week," so kudos, Due South season one. Also, this episode is notable because it was the first time I fell hard for Ray, because of his interaction with Suzanne, so there's that.

-Ok, I've only seen to the end of season two, but Buffy and Angel totally sold me for the duration. Yeah, I sobbed like a baby at the end of season two. Holy fuck that was mean. After Doctor Who, I fully intend to finish Buffy, so we'll see if that holds up, or if I prefer Buffy/Spike, or what.

- Starsky and Terry, from Starsky and Hutch. I know, weird because of the ridiculously prominent slash, but I could buy that they were in love, even though, again, it was a total girl of the week thing. Just one of those freaky flukes. Also, it probably helped that Terry totally passed the romantic torch to Hutch when she died. Yeah, I feel kinda guilty about liking her, because I suspect that if she hadn't died, and had remained on as Starsky's girlfriend for a while, I would've ended up hating her for making the slash difficult, but there you go. Everyone's a little bit hypocritical sometimes.

-Zeke and Rosalyn, from Brimstone. Granted, we never really saw them together much, except in flashbacks, but I fully believed they were in love. They had the adorable couple thing going on. And I cried at the last two episodes of the series, so it evidently worked for me.

- Oh, and Fry and Leela, and Homer and Marge (from seasons 2-8, after which I stopped watching due to the suckitude), from Futurama and Simpsons respectively. Fry and Leela are the ONLY will they/won't they couple that I like, and Homer and Marge are a great sitcomish odd couple that make you understand why they got married in the first place, and why they haven't gotten divorced yet.

And that's all from the TV show category. Now onto movies!

- 13 Going On 30. Yeah, I know, a romantic comedy, but in my defense, it's one out of only two that I thought made the romance work. It might be because I thought they had a sweet friendship, and they really were quite adorable. I don't know, but something in that movie clicked for me.

- Love Actually, the other romantic comedy, but it probably should count as more, since I bought almost all the romance. The writer and his maid I thought were adorable, and I loved the proposing scene. Definitely "awww" inducing. Then there was the Prime Minister and his secretary, which I loved, but that was mostly because of Hugh Grant I think, who I think is adorable all the time. And the two porn stars, who were the highlight of the movie for me, not least because of Martin Freeman YAY! Although I did not like the guy who was in love with his best friend's wife. Maybe because the movie was a tease regarding the possibility that it was his best friend he was actually in love with, or maybe because it just didn't sell it very well. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

- Stranger than Fiction, which I don't really count as a romantic comedy, because it wasn't so much about the romance as featuring the romance. But I really love Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Will Farrel was surprisingly unhatable in that movie, and they were pretty adorable together.

- Labyrinth. I KNOW! *hangs head* I can't explain or justify this one, other than there's something about the power balance that kills me ded.

Ok, there are probably other movies, but I've seen quite a few, and I can't be expected to remember all of the ones with romance I liked. These are just the highlights.

Ok, done spamming tonight.


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