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Just a quick little something I need to get off my chest.

Um. I hated River Song. Which is weird, because I have a feeling that I would've liked her character (yay sexually liberated female who hits on men all the time and is rather awesome. Woo!) except for the Doctor relationship thing.

It just weirds me the hell out. I think about this woman and the Doctor, and DOES. NOT. COMPUTE. I get nothing from them. No spark, no, maybe THIS is why he would fall in love with her, nothing.

Which makes me really hope it's purposeful, because if it isn't, and it's just an alternate timeline (as it can't be the Doctor's actual timeline, because like David Tennant is going to stay long enough to bring River back in the future) then it's BADLY FUCKING DONE.

River does not act like she knows the Doctor at all. She doesn't seem to get that hey, he's weirded out by you, okay?
I mean, the creepy hand-face touch! WTF? Not so much romantic as creepy as hell.

I like the theory that she's an insane fan fabricating a crazy reality and tricking the Doctor into believing they get married one day on the astral plane.

I like my own theory that it IS, in fact, badly written, but it doesn't matter because River's not going to show up again and her entire purpose is to show that the Doctor can, in fact, settle down with someone, and therefore it fuels my Doctor/Rose shippy heart.

I like the crack!theory that she's the Master. She does have a VERY Simm!Master grin.

I would've liked to see her hitting on Donna a bit. I mean, come on, 51st century attitudes, yo! Everyone's bi!


On a less fun note, I would like to reiterate that I HATE MOFFAT. I was hoping he'd redeem himself here, and I suppose he's still got the next episode, but...

WTF. What was with the stupid girl? She existed to a) be stupid, b) be mocked, and c) be dead. That pisses me the hell off. It was ridiculously horror-movie stereotypical, and not in a good way at all. Just reminds me of those interview quotes.

Speaking of which - I have to ask: did I miss something with Donna's "ooh, can we shop?" comment during the mortal peril bit? Because what?! It didn't feel like Donna was joking, it felt like we should be making fun of her for saying that. And honestly, it made NO sense, unless you've read Moffat's interviews, and are paranoid. Because even a raging misogynist wouldn't put that in the script, unless it was some sort of in-joke or something.
It just made me go bzuh? and wonder how that made any sense in his head at all.

Ok, I'm spent. I'm giving Moffat the benefit of the doubt until next week, because theoretically he can still save this with an interesting twist, but... considering Moffat's track record with random, one-episode romances (GitF) I could see him thinking that this stupid time-travel idea actually works in a romantic way. Sure, it COULD work, but it takes a whole hell of a lot more effort and time than you seem to have put into it.

I don't support using crazy time travel as a romantic shortcut, nor do I approve of psychic romantic shortcuts, nor do I approve of convenient last name romantic shortcuts (Blink).

*Awaits next week with mixed emotions*


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