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Well, I liked it.
SPDN, there are definite Doctor/Rose thoughts and analysis herein.

My thoughts on Doctor/Rose:

I loved the ending. Started crying as soon as the Doctor said the Norwegian name for Bad Wolf Bay. Didn't stop until approximately twenty minutes later.
I almost had some problems with the Doctor/Rose content, when I was worried that Rose would be aok with Doc2 staying and the Doctor leaving. Because it's NOT a super happy ending, and I didn't want the show to pretend like it was.

BUT THEN IT DIDN'T! It was properly sad. And Rose pointed out that, indeed, Doc2 wasn't the Doctor, not really. And it was painfully obvious that the Doctor thought he was doing what's best for everyone, and being all self-sacrificing and whatnot, which is heartbreaking and awesome and so very very Ten. And, well, he kinda WAS doing what's best for everyone, even if it can't be all 100% happy.

But again, he was right - Doc2 probably would do good with Rose, and it was a good, if cold idea.

BUT THEN RTD BROUGHT THE HAPPY (well, sort of)! When Rose asked what the Doctor was going to say at the end of Doomsday and the Doctor couldn't say it... it was perfect. Symbolically speaking. Because he's a Time Lord. He COULDN'T spend the rest of his life with Rose, and when he tells her he's not going to leave her in School Reunion, he's lying. OR he was telling the truth and it would've been even SADDER if he lived with Rose and had to watch her grow old and die, because that'd be, what, fifty years? It's even harder to move on from fifty years than two years, and we all saw what he was like in season three.

If he said, "I love you," it wouldn't've been right, from a thematic point of view. The Doctor, the "Lonely God," death as his one constant companion, etc. If he'd said it, it would've been worse, even more bittersweet and tragic, because it would've been a tacit acknowledgment that he would've stayed with her forever, and then if he left after that? Hell no.

So we have him, and his, "doesn't need to be said," and then we have half-human Doc. Who, realizing that he can, in fact, spend the rest of his life with her, is able to lean forward and whisper it into her ear. Damn, there I've started crying again. And one thing we have to remember is they ARE the same (even if Davies kinda failed at showing, rather than telling us that), and Doc2 has all the memories, basic personality, LOVE that the Doctor has. So when he says, "I love you," it functions almost as a "what if" for the Doctor. It's what he would say, if he could, he would live the rest of his life with her.

Well, my shipper heart is happy, at least. And anyway, it's not like they could do anything else and possibly have a happier ending for either of them, unless they ended the show right now. And, well, we would ALL lose if they did that.

So, I kinda get the slight negativity I've been seeing from a few Doctor/Rose shippers, because from a fangirl point of view? SAD. But I tend to read shows thematically as well as fangirly (I'm going into film studies, after all), and thematically, at least as far as I can tell, it fucking works. Guh.

And, anyway, we get that bit earlier with Sarah Jane, where she's all, dude, look at all the people who love you! Stop freaking complaining about being alone. And she's kinda wrong, but she's also kind of right. All these people have other people, they can't travel with the Doctor full-time, and that's sad, but, well, look at all his companions! And we know he'll get more too (and no, I don't mean River, still hating on that) eventually. And he has a place in his heart for them all (and my shipper heart is going, ROSE WINS, she's the only one who gets a full-time Doctor!), but he's still got more room. He has two hearts, after all.


Which isn't to say it was a brilliant episode, exactly. It was too rushed, WAAAAY too full (although it managed to keep afloat, despite the sheer amount of people, even if it was riding a bit low in the water. So, kudos to that), although it DID have a rather simple plot, which helped quite a bit.
Another, rather huge problem, was the fact that the episode treated Doc2 as a lesser character than the Doctor. Less screen time, not as much to say, apparently lets the Doctor exile him without a fight (I mean, YAY DOCTOR/ROSE HE LUFFS HER! but also, come on, he'd at least try to convince Doc1 to let him and Rose both stay in the world, with the TARDIS. Because it's one thing to think of settling down as "an adventure" and quite another to give up time travel altogether. But I digress...). It might've worked if we could've seen the two Doctor's discussing the solution, and Doctor2 agreeing with it, but not the way Davies did it.
Anyway, because the show did this, it's harder to remember that yes, indeed it IS the same Doctor (mostly), and not a lesser, craptacular version of him. It's even more disappointing in light of the fact that he's supposed to represent Nine, and I love Nine.

Really, to fit everything in, this episode should've been a three-parter. Honestly, we certainly didn't need Moffat's double-parter, why couldn't we've freed up some space in the season and given Rusty a REAL ending, complete with good pacing and a more in-depth plot, while still using the same amount of characters?


Luckily, my shallow self is still stuck in Naked Doctor Land, though there's room for soaking wet Doctor in just his white shirt, and two Doctors in the same frame, and also the same land that Jack is in. Also, DONNA. She was fucking SEXY with her technobabble. DO WANT. The most unfair thing this episode is that we didn't get full-time Doctor-Donna! Not so much the Doctor part, but Donna! Who was exactly the same, only with more knowledge, and also more pwnage.
And is it bad to find David Tennant especially attractive the better his acting? Like, when he REALLY has to act, it's a turn-on. Talent is hot, yo. There was a moment there, when he was trapped in the sci-fi spotlight!cell and you could see the tension, the need to run or fight or DO SOMETHING and he couldn't. Guh.

On a less shallow note:
WILF!!! Wilf should be a companion! Ok, it would probably make Donna explode, and therefore is not a good idea, but OMG I LUFF HIM. And the Doctor telling off Donna's mum!
And the little bits we get of Martha and Rose being perfectly cool with each other. They even hugged in the background of the scene where everyone was hugging.
Which, more OMG. As soon as the soundtrack comes out, that music is going on my Joy playlist. There were tears in my eyes then, because OMG THE HAPPY! And DUDE, if you need six people to fly the TARDIS, travel with more people! The show's format wouldn't really allow that, but it would be awesome nonetheless!

Also: So is Doctor-Donna the Bad Wolf now? J/k, but the glowy eyes, the pwnage, the genocide, the inability to remember afterward... Nah. Although I did think there might be a parallel between Rose turning the Daleks to dust and Davros' superweapon. I shall ponder more.


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