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I feel that I should explain that Sunday nights (slash-Monday mornings) this summer appear to be for drinking. Partially due to Doctor Who (a reason that is now gone, sigh) and partially due to Yay-no-more-work-for-four-days celebration.

I feel the need to post this, because, fyi, I'm drunk right now. This is due to the fact that I didn't eat anything today and kinda forgot before drinking two and a half glasses of whiskey and soda. Then I remembered when I couldn't walk very well after.


So, because I want to write something, I've decided to announce my triumphant return to vidding. Uh... as soon as I re-watch the fourth season of Starsky and Hutch. No really - I have an absolutely BRILLIANT vid in the works, but I've only done half of it because the rest requires fourth-season clips, and I'm avoiding a rewatch, because the fourth season creeps me out.

ALSO? I have two brilliant ideas for New Who videos!! One is a Doctor/Rose video (sort of) to the song Nothing and Nowhere by Emily Haines. Terribly depressing, of course, but should work well once I render the clips. Hopefully. If I don't quite half-way, as I am wont to do.

My other idea is a Ten angst vid to Dear Jenny by the Dresden Dolls. Yes, the Doctor is "Jenny" in question. Shuddup, it works. I think. Problem with that would be a complete lack of theme, other than Ten Angst, which is far too broad a category to make for a cohesive vid. Well, it could be a linear narrative of seasons 2-4, but I shall have to think on it.

Um... please don't steal my ideas. I'm rather proud of them, thank you, and once I get off my lazy ass and start converting files and such, I shall actually get to work. I only say this because I've had my ideas stolen before. Ok, that's kind of a lie. But it's rather funny - this one due south vidder somehow kept managing to make videos, like, a few weeks after I'd first thought of the idea and song and was still in the staging process, despite the fact that the ideas remained firmly in my head. I maintain that she was psychic. Anyway, it was disheartening because I don't want to repeat songs and fandoms, so it ruined, like, at least two good ideas of mine.

Uh... yeah. I think I shall end this post with an apology.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
(Yet I can't guarantee that I won't do this next time I've been drinking. I seem to enjoy posting to lj after a few. Y'know, cessation of shyness and whatnot. I remain convinced that it's a good thing.)


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