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WHY DIDN'T THEY SHOW THE WHOLE KISS??? It would've been SO much better! They cut out, like, five seconds where David Tennant was actually into it, and that would've made a huge difference.

The finale is really strange for me to watch, because a LOT of the execution fails, but a lot of the concepts and thematic ideas are perfect. Maybe if they had more time to refine it, or more time for the episode to have an actual plot (seriously, we didn't need Moffat's two-parter. If he wants to add ill-thought-out building blocks for his seasons, he can do it in his own damn time. Preferably a time where the random babe-of-the-week doesn't fuck around with the emotional dynamic of the season. sorry about that.).

On the other hand, I thought of a reason for why they made 10.5 suck. Ok, I say it harshly, but it really bothered me that they didn't actually SHOW how he was the same vs different to 10, instead just telling us.
Anyway, thematically it sort of works, if you consider we-the-audience to belong in the Doctor's universe, and Rose and 10.5 to belong in Pete's World. Which is rather consistent with previous portrayals of Pete's World in Doomsday - Torchwood is empty and darker, for example. Whenever we're in Pete's World, it's always from another point of view, one belonging to our world - the Doctor, or Rose, or Mickey.
Except at the end of Doomsday, where we saw the Doctor from Rose's point of view, as a faded image (because for a few minutes we're part of Pete's World there, echoing Rose's transition). I figure they did that as a sort of good-bye to Rose, last time we'll ever see the Doctor from your point of view.

Then in this episode, again we're in Bad Wolf Bay and the colours are grey and dull. We have a far clearer image of who 10 is than 10.5, and we don't get to hear 10.5 say "I love you" because we're outsiders to Pete's World, and to Rose and 10.5's world.

Of course, this doesn't explain the shot of the TARDIS leaving (except as another good-bye which doesn't quite work), and it certainly doesn't mean I think it was a good idea. But hey, it's fun to talk randomly about filming stuff and symbolism and whatnot.

(Also, did anyone else cry like a baby during the Doctor/Rose montage in the Confidential? And then again during the Good Kiss? WAHILUFFTHEMSOMUCH!!)


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