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Well, I'm happy! Ok, I read the article and went NOOO TENNANT :'(, but aside from immediate visceral reactions, this news makes me joyous! It means Moffat won't get a chance to fuck with Ten, for one thing. I'll admit, I was on the fence about whether I wanted Tennant to stay for season 5, because he would be something to watch Moffat's run for, if Moffat's run is anything like SitL/FotD, but... I'm happy that he's quitting with Davies. With a brand-new Doctor who doesn't have a pre-existing personality to destroy, I might not hate Moffat's writing. 

Also, PATERSON JOSEPH FOR ELEVEN. C'mon everyone, you all saw Last of the Time Lords - if you think it hard enough, it will happen! 
This makes me wonder - is it Moffat who's going to cast the Doctor? Because I wouldn't mind Jack Davenport, but I would kill for a DoC (Doctor-of-colour - what a great acronym!), especially considering Moffat's woe-unto-the-poor-white-menfolk interview quote.

I'm just sad that I feel that I have to brace myself for a much more white, heteronormative Doctor Who, not to mention far more stereotypical female characters. :( I mean, the reason I loved Rose so much was because she wasn't based on stereotypes: any female generalizations that applied to her felt coincidental, and she just seemed completely realistic. She didn't exist to subvert stereotypes, or reinforce them, or even to try to avoid stereotypes entirely - she just existed to act like any person you might meet in real life, and that made her my favourite female character I've ever seen on television. It was the same with Donna, and while I don't think we ever got to really know Martha, she was still a hell of a lot better than most other female characters on TV, even with her wasted potential. Not to mention all the one-shot women we got to see, all of whom felt real.

I mean, it was almost like RTD thought of women as actual 3D people, (!!! What a concept!) as opposed to the equivalent of pinball bumpers: stationary things that exist to give male characters something to react to. I mean, did Reinette ever feel like a character in her own right, or did she feel like she was there to make the Doctor emo? Same with River (x a billion). I DO give Moffat props for the girl in The Empty Child, because she was well-written despite the weird motherhood thing. Sally Sparrow is on the line - she was a character in her own right, just not a very good one. She felt like a blank slate, personality optional. So, yeah, I think Moffat sucks at writing 3D characters - he's far, FAR too plot-oriented, and so he writes characters with personalities that complement his plots, or with no personalities at all, so he can make them do whatever he wants to make his plot work.
I mean, GitF relied on the Doctor actually forgetting that time in the ship runs differently to time in France, and then running back to the ship! That's just bloody stupid, OOC, and the only way to make his brilliant (TM) plot work. (Say it with me: plot should work WITH the characters, not against them!) I'm not even going to get into his time travel issues which don't feel Doctor Who-ish at all.

Oh look, now I'm depressing myself. I'll stop. I still have quite a lot of hope, and I'm sure that Moffat's Who won't be terrible - just rather less wonderfully progressive, which is sad but not the end of the world. There will be someone else after Moffat anyway, and then someone else after him, and I shall continue to watch classic episodes and remind myself that I don't have to love every era.

Hmm. That was rather long and pointless. I apologize for random!Moffat rant. The point is that DT is wonderful and awesome and I shall continue to follow his career for some time, I'm sure, but I've fallen in love with every single Doctor I've seen (all except One, and The Unearthly Child is next on my list) and I'm sure Eleven will be no exception.

(PATERSON JOSEPH! *hands out pamphlets*) (Although I want to see Neverwhere before I really make up my mind, based on what I hear he sounds brilliant.)
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