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I'll quite possibly write more later, after I've had time to ponder and such, but my general reaction was:

I liked it. Quite a lot. I adored DM, and Rosita was wonderful. Hartigan was kickass, although the references to the whole women-power thing gave me an icky feminism=evil vibe, but I'm willing to give RTD the benefit of the doubt there and assume that he was going for something else.

Some of the themes, the plot points, etc, made me want to theorize about RTD's finale, and now I'm ridiculously excited for the rest of the specials, particularly the last two.

I was somewhat disappointed that DM wasn't actually Eleven. I didn't really want him to be, but then I saw him in action and immediately changed my mind. Plus it would've been so cool to see "our" Doctor interact with a future Doctor that we don't know, as opposed to past Doctors, but we still got to see how it might've gone in the first third, so it was cool nonetheless.

And, okay, the giant cyberking stomping around London made me laugh like an idiot, but what can I say, I was totally expecting something like this. It's Rusty, after all, and the crazy epic-crackiness is getting kind of endearing. I'll definitely miss it when Moffat takes over - I much prefer substance over flair, and Rusty earned his crazy giant-in-London scene with Ten and Jackson's final chat. I wish that we could've seen a video of some of the companions, rather than just the Doctors (although that was wonderful too, of course).

I was iffy about the concept of the cybershades at first, but then I realized that they were like the cybermats in Tomb of the Cybermen, only better, and I decided I liked them.

Here I would list the things I didn't like, but there weren't any, really. The pacing might've been a little bit odd, and some of Murray Gold's score was a bit heavy-handed, and the weird feminism thing, but that's it.

There, that's my initial reactions. I'll probably end up re-watching it tomorrow and going all meta.
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