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Notes while watching:

Man, you'd think the Doctor would avoid buses after the whole Midnight fiasco.

She's actually fairly cool.

Ooh, that's rather filthy. "I only use my oyster on months that have an 'r' in them."

Ah, so he's cruising for a companion.

Ohhh, you bastards. "It's full of sugar and I'm determined to keep these teeth." >:( Just rub the imminent regeneration in, why don't you?

lol angelic halo.

I love the Doctor getting snippy with the UNIT scientist.

Okay... the insect-language speaking is kinda cute. And it makes sense because Christina has never been inside the TARDIS so she can't hear what he's really saying.

Okay, this is getting a BIT exasperating, damn it. I mean, fine, when you develop a relationship over the course of two series, and do it WELL, I'll buy it happily. YOU CAN'T DO IT IN A BLOODY EPISODE. (But at least they're fun together.)

OOOH OOOH. "You look Time Lord." She's the Rani y/y?

Lol she's going to fuck his shit up. Maybe she's a kleptomaniac and so the Doctor decides she'd not make a very good companion.
Oh, wait, no, she's being noble and helping him.

Huh. I don't know. He's so desperate for someone, it looks like.

NOES I love Malcom he's so awesome! Magumbo (sp?) is mean.

Aw! Love him shouting I LOVE YOU at the Doctor. He's freaking adorable!

Wait. So, then, honestly, what was he doing cruising for a companion? He was laying it on super thick, and now he just changes his mind? Fine, I get that he's probably not in the right mindset for a companion, but the 180 was so out of nowhere.

Lolwut? So, he's swearing off companions for life now? DOUBLE YEW TEE EFF MATE. (well, Ten's life is going to be pretty short now, so I suppose that'll work. ;_;)

He will knock four times = Master, obviously. Eep. So freaking excited.

It is returning = ??? Donna's memory? Gallifrey (lolno, that would fuck the pacing right up)? Dalek army (again)? The wormhole? That's all I got.

Nice ending. I figured he wouldn't just let her be carted off to jail. Still, I'm kinda sad that she's not going with him - not because I'd particularly like seeing her as a companion (no time left anyway) (though she'd probably be fun) but because if she went with him it would totally back up my Rani idea. Seriously, how awesome would that be?

Okay, so all in all I quite liked it. The pacing was awesome, the aliens were awesome. It felt very Doctor Who to me, which is what RTD was going for, so yay.
I guess some of the emotional stuff didn't really work for me, but I have such an aversion to single-episode love interests (she wasn't quite, but she toed the line) so it was a bit icky for me.


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