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Aaand a write-up.

Freaking loved it.
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Ok, so I'll just do reactions to the Sontaran Strategem and The Poison Sky together. Overall, I enjoyed them, but then again, I tend to not nitpick Doctor Who because I prefer to sit back and enjoy the pretty and the fun. If I start to nitpick too much, it'll only end in tears, I'm sure.

Well, that was fun.
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Holy shit Doctor Who.

In other news, I also watched Juno tonight, finally. Interestingly enough, right after re-watching Ghost World (one of my favourite movies of all time, BTW), because I was making a lot of comparisons. I didn't like Juno as much as everyone else seemed to - it wasn't my style of humor, I don't think, because I thought all the one-liners were kind of obvious and boring. Huh. But it was still technically good, and I enjoyed it a bit. But anyway, it reminded me of Ghost World - it was like the writer saw Ghost World, and liked some bits but decided to change everything else and take away most of the awesomeness. Like, the creepy vibe between Juno and the Arrested Development guy, but sanitized and made Obviously Wrong (TM). And Juno's whole attitude, really, was EXTREMELY similar to Enid's, I thought. But then they decided to give it a feel-good ending, which I felt was kind of tacked-on.
Then again, I can't be that clever if I'm making random comparisons to a movie simply because I'd just watched it right before. So take what I say with a spoonful of salt.
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Ok, I shall do that awesome meme that's been going around.

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Saw 21 last night.


The cinematography was weird. Throughout the first half, I was thinking about how awesome it would be to make a fast, bouncy vid to it - all the crazy circular shots, the weird angles.
But it didn't really go with the, you know, movie. The angles seemed out of place most of the time, and the crazy shots of Vegas worked, but there were way too many. It got a bit ridiculous.

Not to mention that everyone in the movie was a douchebag. Kevin Spacey for selling out the main character, Whiz Kid. Whiz Kid for selling out Kevin Spacey right back, because dude! The guy told you that they kill card counters the second time they find them. I don't care how big of a douchebag your teacher is, you don't hand people over to be killed.

Also, everyone else, for various reasons.
I could see it being so much better if they actually stuck to real life - it could be quieter, more indy, with less needless action and violence that never actually happened. It'd be a neat character-study type movie.

It was fun to watch though. Made me wish I was a math genius, so that's something.

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This is my CD list, for file sharing communities. Feel free to request anything, I'll gladly upload.

Music )
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I LOVE SCIENCE!! I want a robot arm! That would be so cool, I could be Dr. Claw! Also, monkeys rock hardcore.


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Ok, so on the subject of writing things in this journal, I've recently found Torchwood and Doctor Who. And lo, I beheld the glory of rampant science-fiction-y bisexuality and also, the glory of the Doctor. And Rose, who I quite like as well, happily. I'm sick of hating female characters because they're written craptacularly, so Rose is a nice change, as I find her believable and sympathetic. I've only seen three episodes of Doctor Who, so not much on that, but I've watched all of Torchwood.

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Just installed ScribeFire. Come to think of it, I've just installed Firefox too. It's treating me quite well right now, and I have absolutely no clue why I didn't defect from IE before. So, testing 123 can you hear me?

Hmm. I'm checking out the options and it doesn't look like I can make a post private or friends only. Huh. Oh well.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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I should probably write a take on the gay Dumbledore thing.

I squeed. I giggled maniacally, and I beamed for an entire day. I am, in fact, 100% on board with this method of revelation.

Sure, JK could've written it somewhere into the books (a chapter heading in Rita's book would've been easily glossed over by Harry, for instance, but seen by the audience) and I would've been ok with that. I probably wouldn't've thrown my book at the wall after reading the Snape/Lily thing (seriously, I'm considering Veela!Lily canon. It's either that or Mary Sue, and I prefer my pink sunglasses here), rather, I could've forgiven it anything.

But I think that if she had written it into the book, then Gay!DD would be THE spoiler, and basically the ONLY thing anyone would ever focus on after that (well, it's not like she gave us much else in DH even remotely interesting), and it would definitely have taken Harry's thunder and then some.

Of course, it would've done a hell of a lot for gay acceptance, but I think that unless she revealed the information perfectly in DH, that is, subtly, with absolutely NO impact whatsoever on any character's opinion of DD, or any hint that his homosexuality had ANY bearing on the plot, the answer to the kid's question was the best alternative.

Because you see, anything other than the perfect mention of gay!DD would've turned him from "Greatest Wizard of All Time Liek Whoah also a God-like figure and all around beloved character" who happens to be, btw, queer as a three dollar bill, to, well, Big Gay Al(bus). And no matter what, it would've detracted from the (albeit shitty) plot, which I assume is a big no no for JKR.

Now, regardless of whether it was intentional on Rowling's part or not, the "announcement after the fact" method probably works best in this situation. It gives the audience a few months to revel in the awesome that is Dumbledore (whatever, he was probably one of the most interesting characters in the books despite (or because of) his dickishness), think, "wow, what that Dumbledore is some fella, rock on" and basically be generally on good terms with the character.

Then JK can drop the bombshell, and announce o hai, ur sweet d00d? Totaly gai.

Which means two things: the more intelligent people are going to evaluate their view of the gay, even if subconsciously, and also, while temporarily DD shifts to Big Gay Al, after the hubbub dies down, I fully expect his character status to drop back down to "GWoATLWAAGFAAABC" who happens to be, btw, queer as a three dollar bill.


*pulls out list, scratches out "Dumbledore/Grindelwald"* Ok, only several hundred more pairings to go, world. Get on it.

ETA: Something interesting I just thought of while perusing meta: outing Dumbledore in an interview other than a book also does something else I quite like. If she'd outed DD in the books, it would've immediately skewed our opinions - the one gay romance was tehEVOL!! It sort of parallels gay with evil in the subconscious. However, everyone's already read the book sans gay, and the evil thing worked the exact same way while the readers percieved DD and GG as just really good friends. Adding gay changes absolutely nothing in the original books - essentially, Rowling is saying that it DOESN'T effect the plot, and I for one think that that's a good thing, considering the plot line it would've effected.

There will always be assholes who's opinions are suddenly skewed to hell due to this new knowledge, but I believe that most people will be less inclined to equate gay with bad, dead-end, and ultimately genocidal romances with Hitler since it's not in the books.

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I am so bloody sick of the damn target audience. What the hell? Why does everybody in my age group love this kind of craptacular fucking writing?

I am here referring to the last two minutes of Psych, episode 2x09. And I really want to rant. Because this fucking sucks.

Why does everyone need stupid, cliched, shitilly written romancey crap? I wouldn't mind so much if it made even a tiny bit of sense (though it would still suck, but that's just my cynical jaded side coming through), but given Shawn's character? There is NO WAY he would settle down into an exclusive relationship at this point in his life. If they want to give him some stupid, "in love" crap with Juliet (I don't mind him finding her hot, but how often to TV shows draw out the sexual tension only to have it end in a one-night stand in which the main character blows the chick off the next day and she leaves. Yeah, thought so.) then they should probably write something in there. Make it a little bit more likely that he would fall in love with her. Give us a damn reason, other than the fact that she's a sexy blonde chick.

Of course, it would probably help if I didn't loathe her entirely. You know, at first, throughout the first season at least, I liked her. She was kind of funny (no where in Shawn or Lassiter's leagues though), she was kind of hot, and she had a sweet innocent thing going on.
Then I started wondering how, exactly, someone so pathetic and bad at her job became a detective. Especially since, as far as I can tell, she wasn't even a uniform cop first (in Spellingg Bee, how could it possibly have been her first time pulling a gun? What kind of cop gets promoted quickly enough that she looks maybe 25, without ever pulling a gun?). 

The only reason I still didn't mind her in the second season was her girlfriend thing with Lassie - I thought it was adorable how they did his presentation together, how they seemed to gossip about that FBI agent they were crushing on together, how Lassie was proud of her when she started trying to act tough. 

But no, this scene completely destroyed any remaining vestiges of my amiability towards her. 
Welcome to hell. Population - this show.

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So, RE my goal of posting occasionally, I shall write a review analysis of Little Miss Sunshine, which I've just re-watched.

Damn but I love this movie. I think it's the only low-budget, artsy-ish movie I've ever seen that leaves me feeling uplifted and happy, rather than depressed.

Now I watched this, expecting to cringe at the ending, like I did the first time I watched it - it just seemed so out of place, and really cartoonish and silly compared to some of the very real seriousness of the rest of the movie. It almost seemed like the ending descended into Not Very Good Filmmaking.

This time I Got It. I had been a bit confused, because the main theme was all over the place during the movie. Switching back and forth between Society Blows, It's More Important To Try Than Succeed, Live Life To The Fullest (Do What You Want), Individuality, Sticking It To the Man, and, obviously, Family Is Important.
On first viewing, I saw these themes, but I saw them as a sort of battle between each to see which would come out on top. Now I see how they're all interconnected. The trick is to look at the family members and their relationships with each other (and especially Olive), and the personal changes each goes through in the space of a weekend.

Dad - starts as the antagonist of the family, in that everyone (except Olive) is against him. See the ice cream scene - as horrible as he is being toward Olive, the rest of the family undermines him and coerces Olive into eating her ice cream. But at the end, he's the first one to leap onto the stage to dance. Also notably, his Nine Step Program is portrayed as ridiculous, irritating, and probably not a good basis to raise a child on, but in the scene where they steal Grandpa's body, Dad uses the nine steps in a positive way, when he is determined to get Olive to the pageant no matter what. His major change occurs when he realizes he didn't get the deal, and his program isn't going to take off.

Brother - starts as the outsider of the family,  this role emphasized to the point that he is entirely silent, and doesn't communicate with any member of the family, except Uncle and Olive, and then only through writing. At the end of the movie he's talking again, and he dances on stage with Olive, and he demonstrates that he cares for his family by trying to protect Olive, both at the pageant, and earlier at the gas station when he's the only one who realizes Olive isn't there - which shows less his change, and more the way Olive his his exception to his rule of "hate everyone". His change happens when he discovers that he's colour blind, and he's forced to reevaluate his goal, and decides to find a way to fly anyway, fuck the air force. The fucked-upitude of the pageant helps him make his decision, helps him realize that he doesn't have to conform - there's always something else he can do.

Grandpa - starts as the guy who tells it like it is, and doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks, except maybe Olive. Ends as the inspiration to the family, and, really, the main reason for the ending. He doesn't really have a change - the change is in how everyone percieves him after he dies, but I think the seed of that, at least, is his consolation to Dad after Dad loses his deal.

Mom - Starts off as harried working housewife who's starting to hate her family. Ends with her loving her family wholly again. I don't think it was the moment of change, again, this was more of a slow thing, but the defining moment of her change is her smile as she sees the rest of the family dancing on stage, and jumps up to join them. It's a simple, "I remember why I love them now," moment, and gorgeous, if you see it.

Uncle - starts off the movie as... he's tricky to place. I'd say something like the foil of the family, but with a definite outsider flavour. In the scene at the dinner table, every member of the family is defined by their interactions with him - Dad when he explains to Olive that her uncle tried to kill himself because he's a loser, Mom when she takes him home, and has no idea how to deal with him, as seen when she tells him to leave the door open, Grandpa when he's generally amiable towards him while bitching about everything, Brother when he has a short "conversation" with him, and Olive when she demonstrates her curiosity and near-imperviousness to the tension in the family around her when she asks about his bandages. 
He ends the movie as simply another member of the family - also very much happier and far less depressed than before. His change is another tricky one, as it's just a gradual thing induced by the family and the road trip, and Olive.

The Bus - as it falls apart, the family grows together. 

Olive - Doesn't change. This is notable, not just because everyone else does, but because the entire family was expecting her to at the end. Her expected change should've happened at the pageant, and should've been negative - major loss of confidence, etc. But it didn't happen. She was sunny, bright, and very glue-like RE the family in the beginning, and remains so in the end. Also notable is the fact that her lack of change happened directly because each family member did change - before the road trip, they would never've gotten on stage with Olive, but they changed and they did.

Now, each of the themes above is newly introduced after various character's changes - for instance, we only get the Society Blows theme after Brother's change. We get It's More Important to Try Than Succeed from Grandpa, but it's only agreed with by Dad after his opinion of the man changes. Live Life to the Fullest is shared by Uncle and Brother on the docks, and Family Matters only comes through at the end after each change.

Now, once you see how the changes are connected to each other, and to themes, and to the very last, most important theme of all of "Fuck Other People's Opinions, People You Care About Are More Important", you realize what a brilliantly awesome movie this is. At least I did.
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Everyone seems to think that Frasier is happy being a Mountie. But I don't know if he is. I think what he wants (even if he doesn't recognize this in himself) more than anything is to be able to let go, but he won't let himself. He ALWAYS has to do his duty, he has to do the right thing, he can never let a crime slide, he has to pursue it. But I don't think it makes him happy. I think it makes him lonely. I'm sure he became a mountie because of his father, and it's entirely his father's influence on him.

Bob's ghost kind of acts as Frasier's moral compass, which is ridiculously skewed. Think of Letting Go, when Bob's advice was to get back on his feet right after being shot. Or in Victoria's Secret, when he tell's Frasier that he did the right thing in turning Victoria in. Bob says what Frasier thinks he should do - it's the criticism of "you're not strong enough, you're not good enough, you have to do your duty... ad nauseum." North is another episode like this.

Although this trend ends as the writers seem to decide to make Bob an actual ghost rather than a manifestation of Frasier's crazy.

Point is, Frasier never thinks he's good enough, and I think that that's why Ray is good for him - he reinforces the idea that Frasier doesn't HAVE to do his duty all the time, that there should be limits, that he can let go of the mountie-ness once in a while.

And that's also why I personally believe that the best moment of Frasier's life was running after the train in Victoria's Secret, where the mountie just shatters away from him, and he's free. For about thirty seconds.

I'd say that Fortitude Pass isn't in the running because he was probably killing himself over whether to turn her in or not the entire time.

However, the happiest period of Frasier's life is probably late season 2. Because you can tell that Ray is getting to him, cracking his shell a little bit. Not violently, like the moment he starts running in Victoria's Secret, just persistently. Ten years with Ray, and Frasier might've been almost as happy as a normal human being.

But man, I'm just a terrible romantic when it comes to Frasier and Victoria. What is it with me and doomed relationships? It must be my cynical side coming out.

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Holy shit I'm typing this on my new laptop!
Her name is Kaylee (because when I first saw her, I said "shiny!") and sadly she's Vista, but I can live with it.


I shall now post more! Actually, I think I'm going to write weekly (ish) due South episode reviews. For the first two seasons only, because if I reviewed the the third, half of the due South fandom would hate me. 

Also, I may also do Rescue Me reviews. I'm not sure yet, because I've only just began watching the series. It's looking good though. Very nice cinematograhy, and uh, characters and plot and things. Also ghosts are ALWAYS made of win. Every show should have a ghost. Not really, but if due South and Slings and Arrows are any indication, ghosts = damn good TV. 

Uh. That's all for now. 

(I need to get a mouse. This touch-pad is killing me.)
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Today is a day to be remembered! I'm posting this for myself, to commemorate the day that I found out I'm getting a laptop for sure. I still don't know whether to get a Mac or a PC, though I'm leaning towards PC because I need Adobe to work on it, and I've heard Macs aren't very compatible with PC programs.

April 30/07 

I'm probably getting it mid May. And then I'll actually be able to post regularly. WOOO!

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Saw this meme and decided to post my answer, which I'm proud of coming up with because I'm depressed at the moment.

Why my life rocks.

Last House was AWESOME! If I do end up going to a party today, it will be great. I managed to get up the courage to call someone the other day, though it cost me a couple of panic attacks and depression. I'm about to have some scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. I've decided to shave my head for cancer next year. I got up at ten this morning, which is much nicer than eleven or noon. It's a gorgeous day out - spring is here. I'm listening to a good song. I'm going to buy Pinnacle studio, which can do everything I want it to. I'm healthy, I have a house, a computer, a good family, even if they do get on my nerves. The House wank of a few days ago was ridiculously polite for F_W, and I'm proud of my fandom. I'm going to watch a great show later that has Jack Davenport in it. Yesterday I watched Eddie Izzard make out with a german dude in All the Queen's Men while in drag, and god, I love Eddie Izzard, even if he is straight and the movie sucked. Corey just called me back, and there's definitely a party and he'll call me back again when there's more info.

This made me feel better, acually.
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Okay, last night's House. First: SQUEEEEOMGLOVE!!11!! Okay, out of my system.


Cuddy was several different kinds of awesome tonight.

Blackadder on House's TV made me shriek a little bit.

PotW was interesting, if badly acted.

House in Egypt = cool.


Song at the end sounded good. I'll have to download it later.

"Trespassers will be prosecuted". Wilson is such a loser.

Okay, here's my theory: House's box/chest (House) was buried in the closet. Wilson's maid (Wilson) moved it from the closet to the bed. Yeah, you know I'm right. ;)

And that brings me to... House and Wilson!

Okay, pancake scene was awesome. Opening: Wilson is the gayest gay doctor that ever nanced into House's office. He blow dries his hair for an hour? Also, I love how House checks his hair after Wilson's comment. And the ending? Was perfect. I'll have to re-watch, but the way he looks at Wilson sleeping? And then deletes the message? And the music, the lyrics of which I couldn't make out, but the sound went nicely.


What the hell was up with the camera? Crazy zoom shots, and weird lighting. No love.

Cameron/House scene near the end. Completely made up for by the last scene, but still. It's not that I hate Cameron, but if her and House got together, the show would pretty much suck. Especially with her "ignorance is bliss" line. And the lingering fingers bit. Eugh.

Did anyone else yell "STRIPPER" at the TV when she pulled the $20 bill out of her waistband?

Not the worst thing, but I'm really missing the House/Wilson bit in Damned if you Do, also known as the Chinese Food Montage (but only by myself). I'd like a scene that really shows how much fun they can have together. Monster trucks, old movies, take out and candlelight, something. Maybe next episode.

Wish I had more meta-like things to say. Oh well, I'm linking this from whiteboard anyway.

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This isn't my first music video, but it's the first I choose to share with people (mostly because I'm usually too impatient to wait an hour for yousendit).

This is a House video to the song "You Really Got a Hold on Me" by The Beatles.
The only part I'm unsatisfied with is the music cut at the end, but I tried to edit it at least five different ways, and this was the best one. Windows Movie Maker isn't the best song editing tool - anyone have any suggestions for other ones?

This will be crossposted to a couple of communities.

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Wow, an update after so long, and it's a quiz. Whodathunkit?

You scored as Satanism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Satanism! Before you scream, do a bit of research on it. To be a Satanist, you don't actually have to believe in Satan. Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Do some research if you immediately think of the satanic cult stereotype. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with

Also, I am thinking of making a list of all my "reasons" why House/Wilson is canon. Just for fun. I'm only putting it here so I won't forget.


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