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This will be my all about me post. Dated first, because floating posts annoy some people. Understandably.


Two parents, a brother who's ten years older than me and a sister two years younger make up my immediate family. I like them, so you won't be subjected to any rants about how much I hate my family, don't worry. I don't talk about them, mostly because they're completely separate from my fannish life, which is what I post about. As are my RL friends (sadly), so don't expect to hear about them.

I'm nineteen and a second year student at UBC, majoring in Film Studies directly because of fandom, because I have no life. So there's that. Really, I have no ambitions, no career ideas, nothing, I'm just going into something that I think'll be fun. But that's okay! I'm an optimist, so I think it'll all work out for the best, and with my film degree I shall rule the world! (Of customer service.)

I lived in Alberta most of my life, which is basically the worst place in Canada, but there are some nice things. Brilliant music program at my high school a few years back, which was basically the highlight of my high school years. Oh choir. The various choirs I belonged to were basically where I made my friends, so that was a nice bonus too.

But don't worry, I usually don't talk about real life, because it's boring, and I'm much more of a fannish person.

Speaking of which...


I'm very much a slasher. This is partially because there are very few well-written female main characters on television, partially because I think slash fic is much more interesting, partially because het fic feels like a how-to manual, because I'm still a virgin, and partially because two men (or even two women, I like femmeslash too) are hot together.

The only two het pairings I'll read (other than the occasional Due South het fic involving Victoria or Suzanne) are Doctor/Rose and Jareth/Sarah (yes, from Labyrinth. *hangs head in shame.)
Doctor/Rose has to be EXTREMELY well done before I'll even consider reading it, but Jareth/Sarah can be absolute drivel and I'll still come crawling back for more. I have no idea what I love about it, and I'm sure I never will. It's my unknowable guilty pleasure. ETA: As of now, I have been free from bad Labyrinth fic for a few years. Perhaps I'm breaking the old shameful cycle!

Main slash pairings are as follows:

Master/Doctor - most recent, and most intense. This pairing might exist for the sole purpose of turning me on, and being exactly what I want in fan fiction. I mean, come on - you want epic romance? You want hot hatesex? Noncon? Fluff? Humor? Drama? Plot? PWP? It's all right here, and very fun.

Fraser/Ray Vecchio - I just adore them. So much love, despite the tragic ending.

Starsky/Hutch - duh. They even made a movie solely about how gay they are. If I ever had an OTP, this is it. This show is the single slashiest television show I have ever seen, and it aired in the seventies. So there.

Kirk/Spock - again, duh. Nothing to say here.

Spock/McCoy - I love McCoy best, and I hate how he's always ignored, which is why I love this pairing. Also, we all know the snark is just UST.

Chuck/Geoffrey (Strangers with Candy) - Perfect crack, right here. Everyone should watch this show, by the way. If it's not your style of humour then you won't like it, but if it is, then you'll absolutely adore it.

Jack/Norrington - Old school PotC, of course. This is from a few years back, but still nice.

Harry/Draco - Although at the moment the only fic I read is by the incredibly amazing [ profile] mistful, her stories are practically a fandom in themselves.

Various small pairings in the Harry Potter fandom also.

Also, I make music videos, and as while I haven't been working on them for a while now, I'm starting up again now that I have a new external hard drive (and thus, space! Wonderful wonderful space!), so while I hesitate to say expect something in the future, because I'm a perfectionist and I don't share things unless they're perfect, I do have several ideas kicking around in my head, so... we'll see.

Doctor Who:

I love Doctor/Rose a ridiculous amount. When they're on the screen together, I can't stop smiling. It's a good feeling, and I don't care who knows. Although it does mean the Master/Doctor section of the fandom pisses me off sometimes, because there's quite a bit of Rose hate there. So that's a shame.

I also hate hate hate Stephen Moffat. After Forest of the Dead, I completely believe that he's going to ruin season five. And I know I'll watch it anyway, which just makes it worse. Eugh.

I liked the season 4 finale. Sort of. It had some problems with pacing and other superficial, yet important things, but I felt that the THEMES were there, and perfect.

I love all the other companions too, so don't worry. No companion hate here. I even liked Peri, in her own annoying way.

I'm also slowly watching Classic Who episodes, as I get my hands on them. So far I've seen quite a lot of Three, and smatterings from each of the other Doctors. And I adore them all, so no Doctor-hate either.

Master/Doctor is my current obsession, but I've already mentioned it.


Well, if you'd like a mental image of me, I'm a brunette with short, thick hair that I never do anything with, although I did put green streaks in it recently, which looked cool for a while but now just look silly since it's grown out and faded a bit.
I wear glasses, and I'm of average height and weight. Around 5'5" and 120 lbs.

I have a tendency to use too many commas so I apologize in advance if my writing sounds stilted and silly. I try to re-read what I've written and fix it, but don't always manage it.

I have a very eclectic music collection, and my CD list is here. Feel free to request things, by the way.

I'm on a British television kick at the moment (actually, I have been for the last few years, which is ultimately why I started to watch Doctor Who in the first place) and right now I'm watching/have watched, non-fannishly, Black Books, Robin Hood, Spaced, QI, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Life on Mars, The Office, Jeeves and Wooster, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Torchwood. Please, feel free to suggest anything, the more the merrier!

Obligatory Warning:

Liberal, feminist, atheist, bi-curious (I'm not going to identify as bisexual until I've had SOME sexual experience, at least), intellectual (I try), egotistical fangirl.

I think I'm done here.


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