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Notes while watching:

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I'll quite possibly write more later, after I've had time to ponder and such, but my general reaction was:
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Whilst watching the first episode of Neverwhere, after the Marquis' first scene, I have conclusively decided that DO WANT.

Yes, Paterson Joseph would be absolutely perfect for Eleven. Also, if Neil Gaiman based the Marquis de Carabas on One particularly, then I ought to like One very much indeed when I finally watch some of his serials. I could see it: MdC has a rather crotchety 'bitch, please' thing going on.

(Although, I feel this ought to be said: WTF his hair??)

Oh, also Croup and Vandemar are delightfully twisted things, as they should be, Door seems pretty cool, and Richard is awdorable. Makes me want to re-read the book. Shame I left all my books at home when I came to Vancouver. :(

And now I'm going back to watch more.
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So, Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

I've watched about one third of it so far, and I have to get something off my chest:

I don't care about the bad, BAD eighties-ness. I don't care about the ridiculous plot, the blatant fan-mockery, the embarrassing one-shot characters.


I don't even know why. I have no idea what I love about him, all I know is that whenever he does or says anything, I'm just filled with love. I adore him to itty bitty pieces. I love his voice, the way he talks, his mannerisms, his hands, his clothes, EVERYTHING. Honestly, on a ratio-basis (ie, how much screen time I've seen versus how much love I've felt) Seven is my favourite Doctor already. From the forty-or-so minutes I've seen, I love him more than Ten. SERIOUSLY.


(Also, I've just finished watching Mark of the Rani, and wow. I didn't know they could be that blatant about Doctor/Master (in canon, since we all know how Curse of Fatal Death ended) before RTD showed up. Ok, that's a lie, I mean, I've seen Sea Devils and Mind of Evil, but still.
The Rani makes fun of the Master's obsession, like, constantly, and the Master doesn't even deny it.
Also, Six and Peri are SO doing it. It's the only way their relationship makes sense: they're completely an old married couple who half-hate half-love each other. And I don't hate Peri, despite her terrible voice and constant whining. I'm rather immune to whiny characters, and I quite like watching her and Six interact and go between insults and caring for each other.
And, finally, I would like to say that Six is adorable. He might be unstable and crazy and really, REALLY bad at dressing himself, but I don't know, I like watching him.)

So, that makes... 9/10 Doctors that I love. I haven't seen One, so no judgement there, but, within no more than two serials, and often one episode, I've fallen in love with each Doctor that I've seen. I seem to have some sort of automatic Doctor-love thing going on.

Two - took me two serials to love. He was a bit irritating in The Mind Robber (although I enjoyed the serial more than I thought I would), but then Tomb of the Cybermen won me over. Also, Two/Jamie is canon. 

Three - first Classic Doctor I watched because I wanted to see moar Master, and fell in love with him from the first serial I watched, Terror of the Autons. His era is my favourite overall, of Classic Who. Also, I love Jo, SO MUCH. She reminds me of a ditzier, more sterotypical 70s-chick Rose, both regarding her kick-ass capabilities, her bonding-with-random-characters thing, and her adorable relationship with the Doctor. LOVE!

Four - my GOD his voice. I'm so glad I didn't grow up watching him and being squicked by Uncle Tom syndrome. Also, based solely on City of Death and the RIbos Operation, Tom Baker has perfect comedic timing.

Five - so pretty! He's a bit bland, but I adore him anyway. Maybe a little bit because of his blandness. Also, pretty!

Six - said it above.

Seven - likewise. (OMG I LUFF HIM.)

Eight - um. MOAR PRETTY! Also, the sole positive aspect of the Doctor Who movie, and what a positive aspect it is! I've been reading through a few of the EDAs too, and, despite the constant amnesia thing, he's really loveable, and a bit of a woobie.

Nine - well, my first Doctor, and the reason I fell in love with the show in the first place. What more do I need to say? I loved him from "nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!"

Ten - duh. Actually, I was really worried about the transition here, because I've had a bad experience with character changes before with Due South, and I did NOT want to repeat the Kowalski experience: unconventionally attractive man that I was madly attracted to is replaced by pretty boy that everyone seems to like better. The similarities scared the hell out of me. But David Tennant completely won me over, even though it took until, I think, Runaway Bride for me to be absolutely certain that I could love him as much, or more, than Nine. Then I truly fell into the fannish circle of hell after I found myself completely unable to watch past the first five minutes of Last of the Time Lords, instead devouring all the Doctor/Master I could find, and the rest is history.

I don't know what the point of that was. Wait, yes I do - rambling about myself is fun!

ETA: Now I'm over half-done, and my love for Seven is actually growing, like, exponentially. It's a bit frightening how much I completely adore him, and quite honestly, I think it has to do with the purposeful way he moves. Didn't McCoy go to clowning school or whatever? I mean, you learn all about space and movement, and the way he moves, it's like he's 100% confident that he is exactly where and when he should be, and like everything he does is absolutely certain. I don't really know how to put it, but I certainly like it.
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Well, I liked it.
SPDN, there are definite Doctor/Rose thoughts and analysis herein.

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OMG. Turn Left.

That is all. I cannot be coherent right now. I'll try again tomorrow.
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I AM GOING TO MISS RUSTY SO FUCKING MUCH!! *SOBS* I love you man! I mean, we'll see how I feel after the next few weeks, but dude, right now? I forgive you for that shit you pulled in LotTL. I don't forgive that lightly, you know.

(I really need to stop posting at 3:00 AM, because NO-ONE reads LJ at this time, anywhere in the world. Oh well, maybe next week I'll post at a decent hour.)
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In other news, I fucking HATE Stephen Moffat. Season five is going to be hell. Oh god I hate life. I hate it. I ACTUALLY CHUGGED MY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE NEAR THE END, WHEN RIVER
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Just a quick little something I need to get off my chest.

*Awaits next week with mixed emotions*
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So after reading a bunch of posts about That Spoiler for the next episode, I've come to a conclusion:

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I am so freaking excited for next Saturday.

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So, I've read the news.

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Aaand a write-up.

Freaking loved it.
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Ok, so I'll just do reactions to the Sontaran Strategem and The Poison Sky together. Overall, I enjoyed them, but then again, I tend to not nitpick Doctor Who because I prefer to sit back and enjoy the pretty and the fun. If I start to nitpick too much, it'll only end in tears, I'm sure.

Well, that was fun.
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Holy shit Doctor Who.

In other news, I also watched Juno tonight, finally. Interestingly enough, right after re-watching Ghost World (one of my favourite movies of all time, BTW), because I was making a lot of comparisons. I didn't like Juno as much as everyone else seemed to - it wasn't my style of humor, I don't think, because I thought all the one-liners were kind of obvious and boring. Huh. But it was still technically good, and I enjoyed it a bit. But anyway, it reminded me of Ghost World - it was like the writer saw Ghost World, and liked some bits but decided to change everything else and take away most of the awesomeness. Like, the creepy vibe between Juno and the Arrested Development guy, but sanitized and made Obviously Wrong (TM). And Juno's whole attitude, really, was EXTREMELY similar to Enid's, I thought. But then they decided to give it a feel-good ending, which I felt was kind of tacked-on.
Then again, I can't be that clever if I'm making random comparisons to a movie simply because I'd just watched it right before. So take what I say with a spoonful of salt.
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Ok, so on the subject of writing things in this journal, I've recently found Torchwood and Doctor Who. And lo, I beheld the glory of rampant science-fiction-y bisexuality and also, the glory of the Doctor. And Rose, who I quite like as well, happily. I'm sick of hating female characters because they're written craptacularly, so Rose is a nice change, as I find her believable and sympathetic. I've only seen three episodes of Doctor Who, so not much on that, but I've watched all of Torchwood.