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I am so bloody sick of the damn target audience. What the hell? Why does everybody in my age group love this kind of craptacular fucking writing?

I am here referring to the last two minutes of Psych, episode 2x09. And I really want to rant. Because this fucking sucks.

Why does everyone need stupid, cliched, shitilly written romancey crap? I wouldn't mind so much if it made even a tiny bit of sense (though it would still suck, but that's just my cynical jaded side coming through), but given Shawn's character? There is NO WAY he would settle down into an exclusive relationship at this point in his life. If they want to give him some stupid, "in love" crap with Juliet (I don't mind him finding her hot, but how often to TV shows draw out the sexual tension only to have it end in a one-night stand in which the main character blows the chick off the next day and she leaves. Yeah, thought so.) then they should probably write something in there. Make it a little bit more likely that he would fall in love with her. Give us a damn reason, other than the fact that she's a sexy blonde chick.

Of course, it would probably help if I didn't loathe her entirely. You know, at first, throughout the first season at least, I liked her. She was kind of funny (no where in Shawn or Lassiter's leagues though), she was kind of hot, and she had a sweet innocent thing going on.
Then I started wondering how, exactly, someone so pathetic and bad at her job became a detective. Especially since, as far as I can tell, she wasn't even a uniform cop first (in Spellingg Bee, how could it possibly have been her first time pulling a gun? What kind of cop gets promoted quickly enough that she looks maybe 25, without ever pulling a gun?). 

The only reason I still didn't mind her in the second season was her girlfriend thing with Lassie - I thought it was adorable how they did his presentation together, how they seemed to gossip about that FBI agent they were crushing on together, how Lassie was proud of her when she started trying to act tough. 

But no, this scene completely destroyed any remaining vestiges of my amiability towards her. 
Welcome to hell. Population - this show.


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